It was 1989 when I first spotted what I knew would be a perfect boat for the Alaska Cook Inlet waters that I am fortunate to call my fishing & recreational home turf. That boat, made by a company that eventually would become SOLAS RIB’s, was unlike any RIB I’d seen before. Here was a boat that was obviously tough enough to cope with just about any situation Alaska’s unpredictable waters could throw at it. Whether it’s fishing for halibut miles offshore or deer hunting on Kodiak Island in late October, these boats are made to handle it.

If you ever had the fortune or misfortune of reeling up a hundred pound flatfish when the wind starts to kick up and the tide starts running, having a boat that you know will get you back safe and sound is paramount. Having a boat that you could winch up the beach above the extreme Kodiak Island tide level in order to hunt for black tail then load it to the max with your game and gear without fear of swamping while heading back to camp is what convinced me of owning a SOLAS RIB.

If a safe, stable tough as nails RIB is what you want then look no further than a SOLAS RIB.