In 1993 our volunteer water rescue team was searching for a heavy duty and versatile rigid hull inflatable rescue boat.

Researching available RHI’s, I came across an article about some revolutionary boats being built in Alaska. Not only were they unique, they were constructed of welded aluminum. Heavy gauge aluminum would not delaminate like so many fiberglass/plywood transoms I had witnessed. And, the industry standard bolt-on floatation collars were not the standard at SOLAS / Naiad. Instead, they had a remarkable system of internal bladders, heavy duty fabric covers combined with a unique welded channel slide for easy maintenance; repair in the shop, or even in the field.

SOLAS was able to customize our Model 5.3 to exactly fit our needs. In the last 19 years the boat has performed to the highest standards and has been involved in numerous water rescues. Our community fundraiser to purchase the Naiad was done with the appreciation and respect of those hard earned donated funds. Our SOLAS was the first-of-its-kind on the east coast of the USA and stands proud every time it is used. While the industry now looks as though they adopted some of the SOLAS / Naiad designs, they may have missed the most important details. If superior quality is important and your funds are precious, do your homework and you’ll own a SOLAS too.