My 5 meter SOLAS RIB custom designed with a 90hp tiller control is used as a support tender for my charter & research business that operates in SE Alaska and the Puget Sound. Snow Goose is a 65′ steel hulled small ship that is Coast Guard certified to carry 42 passengers and has accommodations for 16 overnight. It cruises in remote locations in SE Alaska and Glacier Bay. I used my SOLAS tender for many purposes and complex projects have been successful because of the long range and sea worthiness of the RIB. With an internal fuel capacity of 42 gallons I am able to transport groups of scientists into deep fjords and into Open Ocean passages (I took my RIB around cape Spencer into the Gulf of Alaska). The RIB sips fuel at approximately 2.75 gallons per hour at 25knots.

When not transporting scientists or capturing wildlife for research, my RIB is used to ferry up to 12 passengers to beaches and islands when we cannot access them with the Snow Goose. Her 18 degrees of rise also gives me freedom to travel in high seas while remaining stable and seaworthy.

The custom bridal system gives me the opportunity to tow my RIB which is therefore quickly able to be used as an emergency rescue system to recover people from the water in case of immersion.

I highly recommend working with Alan if you’re seeking an inflatable that is built with attention to every detail.