I am a 2nd time owner of a naiad/solas vessel, my first was a 10 year old used and abuse craft in a state of disrepair that i bought from a neighbor unknowing of the capability of the boat. unsinkable is a great feature to realize you have after taking a series of bad waves on a beach, being able to pull the plugs and drive away with a self bailing deck is extremely valuable. Having water right to the top of the gunnels and still floating is really really cool. I quickly became aware of just what this boat was capable of having operated it for 4 seasons in some of the worst and harshest conditions imaginable, it was a no brainer that my second boat would be a new SOLAS. I would then be able to add features lacking from my original, and enhance the craft for my particular needs.

Overall, there is no boat as capable or as durable as a SOLAS. My little 4.0 meter craft can go places and do things most 24′-26′ boats wouldn’t dare. I can pack a better payload than any Hewes of nearly double my length, and stability in the worst seas is unparalleled. I am able to float in 10″ of water to traverse shallow bars of rivers, yet a deep V hull and the RHIB design allows for maximum payload and stability well beyond its size. I get told I’m insane to go out in the places I do, with that small of a boat, but anyone who has gone out with me, comes to understand just how amazing these boats are. And with any other boat, I would be insane. Alan, your customer service is excellent, and your boats sell themselves. If I could just get someone to anti up the cash I would be placing an order for the 3rd boat of yours, a 5.0.