Homer Alaska is still where the soul of our company resides … as an eighteen year resident with exposure to all that the Alaskan Coastal waters has to offer, I felt the challenge to develop what a journalist later coined … “a better Boat”. Working in regions from the Arctic to Southern Cook Inlet I encountered conditions that quickly taught me to always respect the ocean. I wanted to design a small boat that provided the confidence I was looking for when encountering a difficult seaway … not unusual in Alaskan waters.

Growing up in New Zealand, spending all my spare time playing in and around boats and the ocean, sparked the beginning of a lifelong interest in marine craft. It also exposed me to a plethora of small boat designs and how some were good and some were not. Out of this innovative groundswell many new ideas proved to be true successes … and armed with that knowledge we began.

We have now transitioned to WA State for all component manufacturing, but our origins remain, as well as many of our customers; very much Alaskan.