Purchased the SOLAS / Naiad 8 meter in Anchorage in 1998:

I have traveled all over Prince William Sound, Alaska Peninsula, and Seward without a boat problem. From the beach at Killer Cover out of Seward to one of a hundred beaches explored, seemingly undiscovered, and certainly deserted.

Many operator problems but no other boat problems in all the years of ownership. We fish for halibut, rock fish, ling cod and salmon. We drop for shrimp and search for steamer and razor clams. We have more stories, unusual sightings, fun walks, fires on deserted beaches, weather challenges that are all tattooed on my brain for life.

The best riding boat I’ve ever been aboard, can handle extreme conditions better than the passengers, and no matter how you look at it, the safety factor increases confidence, extends your range and what the weather is like is less important than the dates you have off. This is my retirement vehicle and will go where I go.