One of my favorite memories in my SOLAS was on a day when I would have risked a lot to get home. A young woman friend and I had been putting fiberglass insulation in the cabin, and we itched from head to toe. When finished, we took my little dinghy from shore to the Naiad, bucking pretty choppy waves. Calling my father across Kachemak Bay, I asked for conditions. He advised not to come, as the Bay was fogged in. Compass and plotter on hand, I told him I would be okay — “See you soon!”

Once out in the Bay, fog was not a problem. Instead, we made our way across in 8 ft waves, the Naiad much happier than we were. Half way across, we were down in the trough, then up high on a wave, and right across from us moving the opposite direction was a smaller Naiad. Waving to each other, we could easily see that our boats were handling conditions just fine. Fifteen minutes later, we were safely home, and the other Naiad was safely on the island next to mine, across the Bay.

I don’t choose to go out in rough weather, normally. But I know that if I am caught in weather, I can get home safely. On fair weather days, my boat moves gracefully through the water, cushioning the chop with a smooth ride, and assuring me that I can get out and enjoy the Bay without too many worries. I get envious inquiries all the time about this sporty boat that is seaworthy and fun. Sell it? Forget it. It’s mine…I’m not letting go of this treasure!