I am a proud owner of a 3.0 meter Naiad and a 4.0 meter Solas. I was so impressed with the 3.0 meter that I used as a dinghy I purchased a 4.0 meter to run the rivers and lakes with in Alaska.

The main reason behind my purchases is I got tired of replacing my inflatable every three years, these boats are a one time purchase, the 3.0 meter I took delivery in 1994 and I still have it. The 4.0 meter I took delivery in 2004 and I also still have it. I have never had to replace or patch any components on these boats. I have added and modified them to some extent since the hulls are aluminum and the tubes can be sewn on (instead of glued), this allows them to be easily modified without a great deal of trouble.

The 3.0 meter I modified it as a sailing dinghy as shown in the picture. The 4.0 meter I have a full canvas top along with a wet well, a GPS map, running lights, depth sounder, water temp, speedometer and VHF radio. These boats are tough enough to withstand these unpredictable waters in Alaska.