Circa 1993 ?? : Enter Naiad/SOLAS. Could it really be, was this really the skiff of my dreams? I made a pilgrimage to their Homer Alaska location and test drove several of them, talked with other customers, every one of them quite competent boaters or mariners, all of them just raving about the boats.

I bought the hat and the shirt ……. And then, later I bought the boat.

I rarely buy new things. I have never owned a new car. The first major new purchase of my life was a sea kayak when I was 17. The only other major brand new purchases have been my SOLAS. I’ve owned my 4.3 for over 16 years. I have in fact only developed one leak in this whole time.

I just got back from a cabin trip, on the way up I ran off one 12 gallon tank that took me all the way there with fuel to spare. God dang I can get into this, an easy 3-1/2 hr trip and that includes a customs stop and one stop to rearrange gear. I got there and had plenty of fuel left, at least 1 maybe 2 gallons in the 12 gallon tank. 71.6 nautical miles later!

I just have to thank you again for building such bitchin ribs.